iPhone “always on” screen would look like this

Mathieu Grumiaux

August 01, 2022 at 1:35 p.m.


iOS 16 Lockscreen © © Apple

© Apple

Apple would offer with theiPhone 14 Pro a new mode to see the time and different widgets even when theiPhone is on standby.

The rumor swells for several weeks about the presence of an Always On mode on the next generation of Apple smartphones.

iOS 16 brings everything needed for Always On mode

He is the journalist Bloomberg Mark Gurman who was the first to reveal that Apple was working to offer a lit screen on its next iPhone and since the presentation of iOS 16, doubt seems less and less allowed.

The upcoming iPhone operating system will completely revamp the lock screen and allow users to customize it however they see fit, from the date and time font to adding widgets, heavily inspired by the complications of the Apple Watch.

The connected watch also offers an Always On mode which allows you to see the widgets whether the watch is active or not and this is what the Apple teams seem to be aiming for for the next iPhone 14.

Apple is working on a darkened screen similar to that of the Apple Watch

The website 9to5Mac discovered many references to an Always On mode in the code of the latest iOS 16 betas and today shares with us a simulation of what Apple could offer us in the coming weeks.

Rather than turning off the entire screen, the manufacturer would have chosen, as on its Apple Watch, to darken the screen as much as possible, which would always leave the wallpaper visible. The various Apple wallpapers could also benefit from a “dark” version with a change of colors when switching to standby mode. One can imagine that the widgets as well as the time and the date of the day are slightly more visible so as not to sacrifice reading comfort.

Concept iPhone 14 Always On © © 9to5Mac

iPhone 14 Pro Always On Display Concept © 9to5Mac

To guarantee autonomy similar to previous models, Apple would lower the display frequency of the screen. Today the screen of the iPhone 13 can reach 10 Hz, when that of the Apple Watch goes to 1 Hz when it is on standby.

However, this mode would be reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max only. Apple seems determined this year to differentiate its two ranges of smartphones. The “Pro” models would also inherit this Always On mode from a new A16 processor as well as the disappearance of the Face ID notch, replaced by a slightly more discreet punch.

Source : 9to5Mac

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