Iris Mittenaere pregnant? His decomplexing and necessary response

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, posted a photo of her on social networks. Certain Internet users "congratulated her on her pregnancy" … However, the star is not pregnant. She retorts.

This Saturday, February 13, 2021, ex-Miss France Iris Mittenaere shared a photo of her in an Instagram story. If the young woman of 28 years appears radiant with a pretty dress, according to Internet users, the belly of the star would have been rounded … Obviously, some have concluded that Iris Mittenaere, in a relationship with Diego El Glaoui, was pregnant. Yet it is not. The young woman is not expecting a child. She dotted the i's by putting an end to these rumors.

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born on 01/25/1993


She took the opportunity to explain why her belly is more visible and to share an uninhibited speech for all women. She explains quite simply: "Collective response: No, I just didn't get it in. I often have a swelling stomach. And it swells me to put it in. " She took the opportunity to discuss this subject which concerns many women: bloating: "Half of my girlfriends have this problem… For my part, when I don't eat gluten at all all day, I'm less bloated… I take probiotics, but nothing miraculous. My solution is to eat healthy (but you know me, I can't do it too much). (…) I think you have to relax your belly that swells … we are not bad in this case " does she add?

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A useful repartee from the ex-Miss Universe which allows to decomplex and, above all, to put an end to these pregnancy rumors as soon as a famous woman gains weight or has an apparent belly.

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