“It's a little miracle that happens to me”: suffering from cancer, she

A technique still not widely used, egg freezing allows, among other things, to thwart the biological clock or to offer the possibility to women with diseases to pursue their dream of motherhood.

She is the first baby in the Hauts-de-France region to be born thanks to egg freezing. Marla, an adorable one-year-old girl, is the little miracle of her mother, Magalie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 35, as reported by France Bleu Nord. The young woman froze a dozen oocytes before starting treatment for the disease. This is because chemotherapy damages the oocytes and greatly reduces the chances of having a baby once healed.

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Thanks to this preservation, she was able to benefit from in vitro fertilization once the treatments were paused and to have a completely normal pregnancy at 39 years old. Now 41, Marla's mother confided in France Bleu. "Fortunately there is a whole team around us which guides us, because I did not know this possibility. Otherwise, I would not have had children, it was my destiny. It is a small miracle that happens to me. "

A technique that deserves to be known

If the techniques included in the assisted reproduction process are all relatively well known, those which consist in freezing your oocytes are a little less so. An innovative technique, it appeared in 2011, and only a dozen children in France have come from it.

Testimonial from an egg donor

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Yet this method gives hope to some women whose life circumstances have not worked in their favor, as was the case with Magalie. Christine Decanter, doctor and head of the medically assisted procreation service at the Lille University Hospital which leads this process, told France Bleu Nord that it was about“Great progress”. She continues: “We have a lot of breast cancer in young women. It's already very difficult for them. When you can't have a child, it's a double penalty. It is important to offer them this possibility. It is not enough to heal, after that you have to live normally ". A second pregnancy of this type is currently underway in Lille.

As a reminder, if you are between 18 and 37 years old, whether you have children or not, you can also donate your eggs, to allow other women to give birth. The procedure lasts on average fifteen days, and is completely free. For more information on egg donation, visit

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