“It’s a witch hunt”: America divided over the fate of Donald Trump

In the middle of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump will have to disentangle himself from a complex affair, with multiple drawers. The former president of the United States, who hopes to return to the White House in 2024, is facing 34 counts, after the New York grand jury voted in favor of a criminal indictment for the billionaire . Unsurprisingly, the former reality star has pleaded not guilty, and hopes to avoid a trial, which could take place early next year.

“A Witch Hunt”

But the case is already dividing America. And in court, pro and anti-Trump came together to confront each other, and each support their side, under police surveillance. At the end of the hearing, all put away their flags and leave with their heads bowed. Fans of the former president leave the small park next to the court, dragging their feet, stunned by his indictment.

“It’s the biggest mistake that Alvin Bragg [le procureur de Manhattan, NDLR] and that the Democrats have committed. They did something dirty because it will come back to them,” warns a supporter of Donald Trump. “It really is a witch hunt! Frankly, it’s a circus what happened. It’s wasted public money. They charged him to death for no reason,” continues another supporter of the former president of the United States.


But on the other side of the park, separated by barriers, the anti-Trump freely display their joy. “I’m still a little satisfied. It’s the beginning, the beginning of justice. It’s been really hard to be an American for the past six years”, insists a democrat at the microphone of Europe 1. “Trump has trivialized fascism in the United States and I do not even want to imagine where the country would be if he had remained in the White House”, continues his neighbor.

And symbol of the anchored fracture of the country, leaving the park, everyone goes back to their corner, taking great care not to meet members of the other camp.

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