"It's very hard": Philippe Etchebest evokes his "heavy" celebrity: Current Woman The MAG

After a complicated year 2020 to say the least, Philippe Etchebest continues at all costs to defend the restaurant industry. But the restaurateur falters. The reason ? Although the model of many professionals in the catering trade, the fifty-something has more and more difficulty live with his fame. At least that's what he assured the microphone of the show ofWe're remaking the TV, presented by Jade and Eric Dussart on RTL. "The first year it has its small effect, we are happy, we bomb the chest. But it quickly passed to me. Because it is heavy, and especially for the people around you " he assured.

If he continues to defend his privacy, Philippe Etchebest does not hide that his popularity has "withdrawn" : "It's a bit of a shame because I like to go to people. And when I walk down the street I usually walk straight and I always look people in the eye. Then I gradually learned to look down, not to look in front of me, it's terrible"he confessed.

"You have to be good in your head"

So to guarantee his peace of mind, Philippe Etchebest regularly confided to go out with "a cap or a balaclava". Unfortunately, wearing these headgear does not guarantee total anonymity : "I'll tell you something, often with the helmet on your head, they manage to recognize me. I don't know, there must be something in my eyes or my walk ", said the starred chef. But the most difficult for Philippe Etchebest is that he never sought to become famous : "It falls to you like that and that's where you have to have good stability, you have to be good in your head, you have to have a healthy environment so as not to go into a spin in fact". Reason why the facilitator is to warn candidates of Top chef. "I tell them to be careful 'because there you have all the spotlight on you, you will pass for stars, it can be ephemeral and the return of the crank can also be very violent"". Indeed, an informed man is worth two.

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