Jamie Lee Curtis: Actress receives the Golden Lion for her life’s work

Jamie Lee Curtis
Actress receives Golden Lion for her life’s work

Jamie Lee Curtis is honored for her life’s work.

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Jamie Lee Curtis receives the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival this year.

Great honor for Jamie Lee Curtis (62): The actress receives the Golden Lion for her life’s work at this year’s Venice Film Festival, as announced on the website of the Biennale. Curtis will receive the award on September 8th, ahead of the non-competitive Halloween Kills showing.

Festival Director Alberto Barbera honored her with the words: “As a direct descendant of the American film maristocracy – she is the daughter of two unforgettable stars, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh – Jamie Lee Curtis is the natural embodiment of a star who understands roles with versatility and openness to play while at the same time instilling their incomparable charisma and unmistakable personality. “

“It seems impossible to me”

The actress, who is known for her roles in “Halloween”, “Freaky Friday”, “A Fish Called Wanda” or “My Girl”, was happy according to a message: “It seems impossible to me that I will be in this long enough I am to receive the Lifetime Achievement award. ” The fact that the award coincides with the new “Halloween” film is particularly significant for her, said Curtis. “‘Halloween’ – and my partnership with Laurie Strode – started and supported my career and it has been a gift for these films to develop into a new franchise loved by audiences around the world.”

In addition to Curtis, the Italian director and actor Roberto Benigni (68) will be honored for his life’s work. The Oscar winner is best known for his 1997 film “Life is Beautiful”.