Jasmin Tawil is engaged! Wedding later this year


Jasmine Tawil
She got engaged surprisingly

Jasmine Tawil

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Jasmin Tawil was in hiding in the USA for a long time when she suddenly reported back to the public with the news that she had become a mother. Now the former actress wants to marry the father of her son Ocean.

This news is a real surprise: Jasmin Tawil, 38, has got engaged! The ex-GZSZ actress announced this on her Instagram account.

Jasmin Tawil is looking forward to the wedding

"Hey Instagram friends, Ocean's dad asked me and I said yes. We're getting married this year. I'm so happy and excited," wrote Jasmin to a photo of herself and lots of heart emojis.

This statement comes as a surprise because it wasn't even known that Jasmin and her ex were dating again. The two separated after the birth of their son Ocean in autumn 2019. For a while, Jasmin did not know who the father of her son was. But when it became clear that it was Kadeem, she found a good basis with him despite the separation. At the time, it was said that he would take care of their child and support them. Then Jasmin traveled to Germany for a while to take part in "Celebrity Big Brother".

Meanwhile, singer Adel Tawil's ex, 42, is back in her adopted home Hawaii, where she and Kadeem revived old feelings and became a couple again. Now the former actress is hoping for a happy ending with her husband and child. It is to be hoped for Jasmin after the turbulent times in recent years.

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