Jean-Luc Lahaye trapped to present his companion? He responds to criticisms of their relationship: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

When presenting his girlfriend on television, Jean-Luc Lahaye did not expect to be the target of many haters. On June 8, 2020, the star of the 80s confided in his romantic relationship with Paola, in the show The moment of luxury. Present on the Non Stop People premises, the young woman, thirty years younger, met on a market in Montmartre, was invited to join her companion on the set. According to the singer, neither he nor his girlfriend had planned to talk about their romance.

"It turns out that she accompanied me on the set. She was behind the cameras and she agreed to show up thinking it wouldn't matter. But nowadays, nothing is really confidential. Images are everywhere on the Internet", he told TV Star. Far from resenting the journalist who conducted the interview that day, the interpreter of Woman i love has explained : "He is young in the business, he needs to make himself known ”. As for the reaction of the haters when discovering their love story, he replied: "This is proof that we can love each other at any age."

An interview that shocked internet users

A passage on the set of Jordan Deluxe which has earned him to be singled out on networks and for good reason … Returning to his age difference with Paola, the artist accused "Of sexual assault on a 15 year old minor" and of "corruption on minor" threw : She is not young! I chose her on the ultrasound! ” Far from stopping there, he then explained his love for women younger than him: “For everyone, life is thus made for men. Men have always preferred to be with a slightly younger partner, in general. Mainly the artists ”.

An interview that Jean-Luc Lahaye concluded by kissing his partner before asking somewhat embarrassing questions to the journalist: “Is Paola pretty? Does it look good on the image? Could I have some pictures of the two of us? "

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