Jean-Michel Blanquer vaccinated against Covid-19: the minister received a dose from the AstraZeneca laboratory: Current Woman The MAG

Wednesday April 21, 2021, an article from our colleagues from Chained duck indicated that Jean Castex would have considered calling on Sheila, of whom he has been a fan for years, to promote the vaccine from the AstraZeneca laboratory. A rumor that annoyed the 75-year-old singer a lot. Quickly after the publication of this article, she had indeed reacted on her account Twitter. I have absolutely no contact with the government and I find it very embarrassing to find myself associated with a vaccination campaign project linked to a laboratory brand without having been contacted either directly or indirectly. I do not wish to maintain the confusion in the mind of everyone where today the shortcuts go faster than the truth “.

While she thought she had got rid of the rumor, Saturday April 24, 2021, Sheila had to answer it again on the set of the show We are live. Laurent Ruquier asked her how she felt and if the promotion of the AstraZeneca vaccine was, as the newspaper had indicated, ordered by the government. “We see what a rumor is. (…) First of all I never met our prime minister. Then, if he’s a fan, I’ll be happy, but I don’t know. And especially, my name has never been mentioned. And that, we learned from the government spokesperson “. Annoyed, Sheila confirmed that she never had any contact with the head of government, not even after the publication of the article in the Chained duck. “I don’t bother people like that. (…) For three days, I have been harassed by everyone (…) It’s terrible! “.

A committed minister

If Sheila would have preferred to remain more discreet about her vaccination, there is one who was determined to promote it. Jean-Michel Blanquer was indeed keen to be filmed during his vaccination, with a dose of AstraZeneca. A way for the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports to support the words of his Prime Minister who ensures that this laboratory is just as reliable as its competitors. On his Instagram account, the member of the government posted, Saturday, April 24, 2021, a video proving that he has received his dose, like other French people. In legend, Jean-Michel Blanquer gave more details: “I have just received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at the Paris fire brigade vaccination center at the Massena barracks. Thank you to the health personnel and to all those mobilized to protect the French”. The means for the minister to try to reassure even more French people about the effectiveness of the vaccine against Covid-19.

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