Jean-Pierre Chevènement: “I never took Vladimir Poutine for an altar boy”

Jean-Pierre Chevènement was invited to the Grand Rendez-Vous this Sunday, March 27 on CNEWS. The opportunity for the former Minister of Defense to evoke his memories of Vladimir Putin.

His first meeting with the Russian President dates back to May 5, 2014, in Sochi, “sent by the then President of the Republic [François Hollande, ndlr]to prepare for the commemorative landing ceremonies scheduled for the following month.

During this interview, which took place shortly after the events of the Maidan, Jean-Pierre Chevènement assures us that he “never took Vladimir Poutine for an altar boy”. However, he “always thought he was reasonably sincere in seeking an agreement with Europe”.

Since then, the Russian leader would have “changed logic” due to the non-application of the Minsk agreements.

Lionel Jospin’s former interior minister also felt that there was “a feeling of victimhood on the part of the Russians”. “They still believe they are surrounded, threatened,” he said. It is true that historically Russia has been invaded many times. This Russian sensitivity exists, you have to know it, [même si] that excuses nothing, [ni] the unspeakable aggression against Ukraine, nor the thousands of deaths it has caused.”

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