Jean-Pierre Pernaut soon to be a minister? His enigmatic response

Sunday January 23, 2022, on France 2, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan called on Jean-Pierre Pernaut to be part of his future government if he is elected to the presidential election in 2022. What to tempt the journalist?

Politics titillates Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Tuesday August 31, 2021, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was on the Touche set, not at my post for the launch of its magazine, Our regions. A project in the image of his commitment to the French regions that he has put forward so much during his career, in particular through the 13 hours of TF1. At the time, Guillaume Genton could not resist the urge to ask him if one day he could get involved in politics in order to try to change things. “Why not ! Well, in how many months? It won’t be long...“, he had claimed before detailing. “The presidency, why not? We haven’t said our last word! (…) I’m joking ! Because politics is a profession. President of the Republic, it’s such enormous responsibilities… The funny people who go there, I don’t find it good!”, he explained. He had finally concluded by leaving the door open. “But why not one day! At regional or national level…”

Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not say his last word

Sunday January 23, 2022, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan appealed to Jean-Pierre Pernaut on the set of the 1 p.m. television news from France 2. “If you had a choice in your wildest dreams, which public figure would you like to see in your government?“, asked Nathanaël de Rincquesen. His answer was not long in coming. I would like to bring Jean-Pierre Pernaut into my government to make him Minister of Regional Planning, of Territorial Balance.A way for the candidate to confirm his desire to revalorize the most isolated territories.

Contacted by our newspaper colleagues The Parisian, a few hours after the passage of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan on France 2, Jean-Pierre Pernaut did not seem to hesitate. The former face of 1 p.m. TF1 wished to dispel any doubt about his arrival at the head of a ministry. Me, minister? I have passed the age. I’ll let people competent enough take care of that.“, he explained, assuring according to our colleagues, that he had not seen the interview with Nicolas Dupont-Aignan on the second channel. Jean-Pierre Pernaut however wanted to leave the door open… “I do not completely close the door”, he explained, recalling that he was facing “other worries for the moment”. Jean-Pierre Pernaut has lung cancer. The journalist who is undergoing treatment was reassuring: “Everything is fine”.

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