Jennifer Lauret, one of her daughters “very jealous” of her sister: this crisis that the actress had to face

It has already been a year since the career of Jennifer Lauret was relaunched thanks to Tomorrow belongs to us. The 42-year-old actress joined the daily series to play the Parisian lawyer Raphaelle Perraudpassively in love with the character of Xavier Meffre (played by Charles LeLaure). The other peculiarity of Raphaëlle is that she no longer has any childhood memories due to a mysterious event that occurred when she was younger. It was during a psych session that she realized that she had killed the father of Xavier Meffre.

Flashbacks were then filmed and one of Jennifer Lauret’s daughters, Anna (12 years old, fruit of her union with Patrick Sorrentino) was asked to play her character at the age of 9. His appearance had then been greatly noticed. What to wonder if Anna could become an actress in her turn and be remembered by the production of tomorrow belongs to us. “If the authors want to make other reviews of Raphaëlle’s childhood, it could happen“, confided Jennifer Lauret during an interview for TV 7 dayspublished this Monday, May 23, 2022.

In any case, it is not the desire that is missing from Anna’s side, even if it has created some tension among the Laurets. “She loved this experience, so much so that his little sister, Nell (9 years) was very jealous. It was grimace soup for a while at home!“, she revealed with fun. Remember that Jennifer Lauret is also the happy mother of Shaana (14 years old). And, with her former companion Yannick, she had her first daughter, named Carla (22 years old and that she had at 19).

Despite a few small crises from time to time, the family remains united and moreover, it has not hesitated to make sacrifices for the good of Jennifer’s career. Like that of leaving Bordeaux to settle in Sète, where the filming of tomorrow belongs to us. “I go to work in the morning, I have fun. In the evening, I have time to pick up my children from school and go to the beach with them. What more ? Quite honestly, I couldn’t dream of anything better than what I’m experiencing today.“, rejoiced the actress.

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