Jesse Armstrong, the uncompromising father of the “Succession” series

It’s the wedding of the moment, the one that overshadows all the social events of the season. The ceremony takes place in the small town of Sovicille, in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, in the grandiloquent Villa Cetinale. They are millions of spectators to follow the details. It is not, however, the Windsor, the Grimaldi, or even the Kennedys. But Roys. This family of British origin living in New York holds a media empire founded by Patriarch Logan, which his four children (three boys and a girl) covet. Logan’s second wife, Caroline Collingwood, remarries a businessman as the future of the family business is at stake.

“I wanted this series to be universal, to speak as much to people who are interested in Silvio Berlusconi in Italy as to Vincent Bolloré. [lui-même propriétaire de Canal+, qui détient un tiers de la chaîne OCS] in France. “

These nuptials may captivate millions of people, they are fictitious and were the subject of episodes 8 and 9 ending season 3 of the series. Succession, produced by HBO (and broadcast in France on OCS). Sunday, December 12, the last episode drew 1.7 million viewers on the American channel HBO and the platform HBO Max – the broadcaster’s highest score for a year and a half, according to the Bloomberg agency. The drama series tops the Golden Globe nominations, which will be held on Jan. 9, with five citations.
After the cautious reviews of the first season, she established herself as this fall’s phenomenon.

This success intrigues even within the HBO channel. ” Why should we give a damn about these horrible billionaires? “, asks Frank Rich on WhatsApp. The old feather of the New York Times, now a producer for the large American chain, believes that the meticulous description of family relationships that serves as a common thread in the scenario, fed by three-way billiards, vulgar and hilarious insults and moving scenes, allows the characters to not to be “Cartoon villains”.

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All salute the talent of showrunner, Jesse Armstrong. “People tell me about the characters in Succession as if they were mutual friends “, smiles the 51-year-old Briton, in videoconference from his living room in London. It is he who imagined this fratricidal struggle and who is the main responsible for this singular writing, praised at length in articles for almost thirty episodes. To the point that the author is sometimes compared to David Chase, the creator of the iconic series The Sopranos, also broadcast on HBO, from 1999 to 2007. Even William Shakespeare.

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