Jessica Alba confides in the education of her children

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Max Guevara's interpreter on the Dark Angel television series has since become a mother of three. In an interview with Reveal magazine, Jessica Alba talks about the education of Honor, Haven and Hayes.

by Suruthi SRIKUMAR

Jessica Alba is more than fulfilled in her role as a mother. During confinement, she even said that her three children followed her everywhere, whether in the bathroom or even the toilet. In an interview with Reveal magazine, the 39-year-old star and her husband Cash Warren, confided in the education they give to their children.

Although the actress quickly became an icon in the 90s after playing the role of Max Guevara in Dark Angel, she now wishes to protect her children from her celebrity. Jessica Alba makes them participate daily in household chores. "I don't hesitate to set limits and routines. They have to make their beds. They must set the table, clear it. They participate in the maintenance of the house and themselves!" Cash Warren adds: "one thing Jessica and I agree 100% on is that we don't raise little cunts. If they don't do what we say, we won't accept it. We have tried to maintain the values ​​that our parents taught us."

"I hope my children will always feel the need to give back"

The couple who met in 2004 on the set of the film Fantastic Four, are doing everything possible to give the most normal education to their three children, Honor, 12, Haven 8 and Hayes, 2 and a half. "I have always told my children that no one chooses to be born in difficult circumstances, and that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. Cash company, Pair of Thieves has created a party called National Sock Day. They have distributed millions of socks to homeless shelters and we will distribute socks and hygiene products with the children. During the holidays, we adopt families and the children help me choose gifts and make lists – necessities such as warm blankets, backpacks and shoes, but also books and toys. I hope my children will always feel the need to give back."

A beautiful education!

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