Jill Biden in decoration fever: Almost 100 Christmas trees decorate the White House

Jill Biden in decoration fever
Almost 100 Christmas trees decorate the White House

In the foyer of the White House, Rudolph zooms through the air with his fellow reindeer.

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Most powerful kitsch in the world: The Bidens have once again transformed the White House into a Christmas fairytale landscape.

With these numbers, the Grinch will probably have a heart attack: This year’s decorations in the White House were unveiled around a month before Christmas Eve – and First Lady Jill Biden (72) didn’t skimp on kitsch. This year there are 98 Christmas trees alone in the official residence of the US presidential couple, as reported by CBS, among others. There are also over 142,000 lights and almost 34,000 decorations, such as oversized candy canes and candies as well as a reindeer carriage in the foyer.

Under the motto “Magic, wonder and joy,” Jill Biden’s goal was to bring out the inner child of every visitor: “Every room on display is designed to capture the pure, unfiltered joy and imagination of our childhood at this time of year “To see the wondrous, sparkling eyes of a child,” the wife of US President Joe Biden (81) is quoted as saying. Countless designers and interior designers are said to have worked for a whole week to bring Biden’s Christmas vision into reality.

In Jill Biden’s opinion, this is more important than ever in the current times in which “our hearts are growing heavy in the face of a troubled world”: “It is precisely in these times when we are looking for hope and healing that we need these points of light most, we need each other most,” she said. “I hope that during these times you will, even if just for a moment […]remembering how you saw the world as a child.”

A chandelier had to go

It is assumed that around 100,000 visitors will visit the White Christmas House during the Christmas season. The showpiece will immediately catch your eye in the Blue Room again this year. The Fraser Tanner installed there measures over five meters and grew to this impressive size in the US state of North Carolina. Even the chandelier had to be dismantled so that the tree could fit in there.


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