Joachim Witt turns 75: This is how he celebrates his birthday

Joachim Witt turns 75
This is how he celebrates his birthday

A duo that goes well together: Joachim Witt (l.) and Nino de Angelo have reinvented themselves several times in their careers, moving from hits to dark sounds. Witt celebrates his 75th birthday on February 22nd.

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Since the hit “Goldener Reiter” from the 80s has not been forgotten. And even at 75, Joachim Witt doesn’t want to know anything about retirement.

Even though he made a lot of other music afterwards: Joachim Witt (75) will always be connected to his Neue Deutsche Welle hit “Goldener Reiter”. Nowadays he prefers darker sounds, as he proves on the deluxe edition of the album “Der Fels in der Brandung”, which was released on February 9th. For the pre-release single “I’ve never forgotten you” he received support from his colleague Nino de Angelo (60), who has also reinvented himself as the prince of darkness. The duo received more than a million views in just a few weeks on Youtube.

Witt is currently touring Germany with his album – but is taking a short break around his 75th birthday on February 22nd. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the singer reveals how he celebrates, what he wants and what plans he is still pursuing.

How and with whom will you celebrate your special day?

Joachim Witt: I will celebrate with my family and a few friends in an old boathouse.

What does this birthday mean to you?

Witt: For me, the birthday is another memorial on the way to eternity!

What wishes do you have for the new year of your life?

Witt: Good health and new musical ideas, which I already have.

What else is on your personal bucket list?

Witt: I would like to continue to support the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance, show social commitment and not wait under the radar to see where society develops. More than ever, every voice is needed!

You have been wearing your beard since 2018. Would the 75th be an occasion for another type change?

Witt: I can no longer afford a complete type change! The beard holds the face together!

They are on a club tour from February to April. How do you stay fit for your performances?

Witt: By performing (laughs).

It’s supposed to be your last club tour – how difficult is it for you to say goodbye?

Witt: I’m just saying goodbye to the “clubs”. I will still play festivals and special events.

You once said that you are far from thinking about retirement. What would be a reason for you to retire from music?

Witt: If my health were no longer good.

What else can your fans look forward to this year?

Witt: Apart from the club dates, which extend into April, the “Wittenberg Open Air Summer” on June 7th, 2024 with Schiller, Peter Heppner and me!


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