This plant is a natural fly repellent, here’s how to get rid of them

How to get rid of flies while respecting the environment? Discover a medicinal plant that is a natural repellent.

Bracelet, candle, essential oils, plug, adhesive tape… You already have tried everything to get rid of flies ? It is true that with the arrival of spring, we hope to be able to enjoy our outdoors when we are lucky enough to have one, and we like to leave our windows open. But insects can get involved and spoil our pleasure, like this oriental fruit fly or the tiger mosquito (discover a radical solution to avoid its bites).

While plants like lavender or lemongrass seem to work well for some, they are not enough for others. Here is a natural fly repellent recommended by House&Workx. To try to be able to relax peacefully on your deckchair on sunny days without being invaded by these particularly invasive flying insects.

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A natural fly repellent

According to the magazine, an easy-to-find and easy-to-maintain medicinal plant is perfect for getting rid of flies: the pharmacy street. It is found a lot on Mediterranean soil because it is fond of “edges of rocky paths flooded with sunlight”. It can also be useful against moths, mites and even aphids.

How to proceed ? Place pots of said plant where flies are most likely to be found in your home. Its smell, including lemongrass and rutin, will scare them away. But beware, the scents are only toxic to insects, not for people or pets. However, it can also scare away cats and snakes.

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The other virtues of rue officinale

In addition to preventing the presence of flies while respecting the environment, the rue officinale has medicinal virtues. For example, it helps relieve pain related to bile: an infusion could be good if you have period pain or difficulty digesting. The plant is also used to eliminate intestinal parasites or against suffering linked to rheumatism, the fight against scabies and even eczema. One of the plants with the most numerous medicinal properties, to discover.

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Another good point: she doesn’t need to be very well maintained. For example, it does not need to be watered very often because it tolerates drought well. She doesn’t fear frost either. However, it will need a little aesthetic pruning after flowering. You can also add a little compost to it in the fall. Another tip: do not install it near your basil if you have it in your garden, this will inhibit its growth. And of little interest for parasites and diseases, it is however the target of whiteflies. Gerbeaud advises trapping them with yellow patches coated with anti-insect repellent, to place near their feet. You know everything about rue officinale and can test it as a natural fly repellent!

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