Jochen Schropp: "Surprised" by reactions to his couple picture

"You don't see my friend at all": After Jochen Schropp has shared a couple's photo, he is "surprised" by the reactions.

Moderator Jochen Schropp (41) shared a special picture on Instagram this weekend: the first couple photo with his partner. The 41-year-old was surprised by the reactions in an Instagram story, because: "You don't see my friend at all." In the picture, Schropp's partner hides the face of that of the moderator.

Schropp was happy about the "whole nice comments" in the story and explained about the couple picture: "It should be a pride post and not at all 'I show my love for the first time'." It is all the more beautiful that he finds that there are so many nice comments about the photo that he is "overwhelmed". However, it also shocked him, Schropp continues, "how many partially homophobic, bad comments there are on other sites": "That's why someone should tell me again why you have to talk about homosexuality or why CSDs are still important … ", he added.

Jochen Schropp celebrated his coming out by letter in the "stern" in 2018, at the time he wrote: "I'm turning 40 this year. And I don't want to hide anymore." His partner stays away from the limelight.