Joey Kelly: Wow appearance with Peter Maffay – daughter Lilly steals the show from him

Joey Kelly
Daughter Lilly steals the show from him

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Lilly Kelly follows in her father’s footsteps: Now the daughter of Joey Kelly had her first major solo appearance. With her voice, the teenager enchanted not only the audience, but also Peter Maffay.

In recent years, Joey Kelly has become more and more popular as an extreme athlete. However, he became known as a member of the Kelly Family. The 48-year-old cannot leave his musical past behind, the popular pop and folk band has just announced a Christmas tour, during which Joey will once again inspire with his musical talent on stage.

A trait that his son Luke and daughter Lillian-Ann (“Lilly”), 15, also inherited. Joey’s duo already demonstrated this in December 2018: At Angelo’s final concert, the two stood on stage for the first time: Luke at the piano, Lilian-Ann with her singing voice.

Joey Kelly’s daughter Lilly sings with Peter Maffay

Now Joey’s second youngest had her first major solo appearance – of all things with mega star Peter Maffay, 72. The pop star asked the 15-year-old on stage as part of his talk series “Encounters” (Magenta TV) and performed the Tabaluga with her -Classic “I never wanted to grow up”.

Peter Maffay didn’t have to persuade the young artist to do a duet for long. Addressing Lilly he asked: “The attack! Would you like to sing the song with us?” The 15-year-old then took the stage a little hesitantly. But after a few minutes there was no longer any trace of the shyness. With her angelic voice, Joey’s daughter enchanted the audience. Peter Maffay was impressed. “Lilly, thank you very much. That was an experience and I hope we’ll do it together often. Yes?” Lilly, visibly moved by the offer, mumbled a low: “Very, very happy”.

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Lilly Kelly starts her pop career

Joey Kelly is proud of his daughter. The singer wants the girl to indulge her passion. “If that is her calling, then I will support it. Next year in autumn she will go on tour with the Kelly family. As parents, we are very proud of it and my siblings are all happy too.”

And what about a long-term collaboration between Peter Maffay and the next Kelly generation? Joey Kelly would like the “So Are You” interpreters to mentor his daughter. He is not averse: “I am happy to make myself available, but I am not sure whether I can really do it if you put a hope in me.”

Lilly’s appearance is in the Megathek from magentatv available or on visible.

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