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Since July 7, Johnny Depp has faced justice in the trial against him News Group Newspapers, the editor of Sun. In 2018, the magazine qualified the actor "violent man", based on Amber Heard's statements. For several years, the actress has accused her former companion of domestic violence. What the actor has always denied in the media. To defend it, he can count on the support of his exes, ready to testify in his favor. Indeed, Johnny Depp had a busy love life before meeting Amber Heard.

In the list of her conquests, we find Vanessa Paradis, with whom he stayed 14 years and had two children, Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp. Before his story with the French actress, he shared the life of Winona Ryder whom he met at the film premiere Greats Balls of Fire in 1989. While their romance only lasted four years, the two actors remained very close friends. Winona Ryder did not hesitate to testify in his favor as did Vanessa Paradis and Lori Anne Allison. Less known, the latter, however, was Johnny Depp's wife for two years.

Lori Anne Allison's journey

Lori Anne Allison was born in 1957. Passionate about makeup, she decided to make it her job after trying to become a sound engineer. In 1983, she married Johnny Depp in a discreet ceremony. After two years of marriage, the couple decided to separate for "different irreconcilable". For her part, the young woman pursued a brilliant career as a make-up artist for film and television. She was also behind the meeting between Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage. A meeting that will be decisive for the former pirate actor from the Caribbean. Despite their separation, Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison have remained close friends for the past few decades. The makeup artist has often defended his ex against the accusations against him, saying that the actor has always been nice and never raised his hand on her.

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