“Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”: First defeat of the new season

Due to an injury, Joko and Klaas received support. In the third episode of the season they were still not victorious.

Even crutches can only stop Joko Winterscheidt (42) to a limited extent. Because the presenter was injured in the previous edition of “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”, he and colleague Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (38) received support from producer and author Jakob Lundt (35) on December 7th in their fight against the broadcaster. The trio was able to gain several advantages in the various tasks, but the third victory in the third edition of the new season was denied them.

Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf were only on the road to victory

At first everything had looked good for Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf. Together with Lundt, they were able to master the first four challenges. In game two, “The Taped Singer”, they were able to correctly recognize Vanessa Mai (29) and Lucy Diakovska (45), two of four celebrity singers whose faces were covered with tape, and thus successfully solve the task. In games five and six, the trio then had to admit defeat to celebrity challengers Verona Pooth (53) and Micky Beisenherz (44) as well as Max Giesinger (33) and Johannes Oerding (39).

The trio was also not victorious in the difficult final “Klammern”, in which Heufer-Umlauf and Lundt took part. The two were asked to hold on to six different objects for a total of five minutes without their feet touching the ground. While that didn’t work particularly well with a pair of jeans and a medicine ball, Heufer-Umlauf clung to a Winterscheidt doll for a relatively long time. “I spooned you so hard,” joked the 38-year-old. But because there were still 54 seconds left on the counter after the last item, the final was considered lost.

That is their punishment

As a punishment, the station is preparing “something crass” for the moderators in their live show “The Duel Around the World” on December 11th from 8:15 pm. In the previous edition, presenter Steven Gätjen (49) had announced “something terrible, unexpected, terrible” that Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf would have expected if their show last Saturday had been defeated. What exactly that will be is a surprise.

As a result, the moderators will not receive any live broadcast time at prime time on ProSieben on December 8th. After the first show, they showed “15 minutes live from Joko & Klaas” and thus referred to preventive medical checkups. In the past week, the two had shown tough corona reality from three different angles. In addition to a young patient and the senior physician in the intensive care unit at the Charité, Olaf Scholz (63, SPD) could also be seen. Scholz, who is to be elected as the new Chancellor in the Bundestag on Wednesday, said: “Too few people are vaccinated in Germany. […] Protect your life and that of others. “


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