Josephine and Vincent of Denmark: The royal family celebrates their birthday with these photos

Josephine and Vincent of Denmark
The royal family celebrates their birthday with these photos

Vincent and Josephine of Denmark pose for the cameras.

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Josephine and Vincent of Denmark celebrate their birthday. On this occasion, the royal family publishes photos and the monograms of the twins.

The Danish Royal Palace has released nine new photos of the twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, on the occasion of their 10th birthday on January 8th. On Instagram, the two can only be seen together in three photos. They skillfully pose for the camera, sometimes casually, then lovingly and finally cheeky. He wears a white shirt and blue trousers, she wears a yellow and white trouser suit and, apparently, recently a brown long bob with a center parting.

The comment says: "Their Royal Highnesses Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine have a birthday and are turning 10 today. On the occasion of their birthday, the Crown Prince couple has the pleasure of sharing new pictures of the Prince and Princess. The twins arrived 10 years ago today Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen at an interval of 26 minutes to the world, Prince Vincent at 10:30 am and Princess Josephine at 10:56 am Her Royal Highnesses were baptized on April 14th in the Holmenskirche and were named Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda. "

Monograms and solo photo series

The next little photo series belongs to Prince Vincent alone. For these photos, too, he looked smiling to thoughtful. The palace also presents a monogram: "V" for Vincent and above it the royal crown. And Josephine's monogram, a "J" with a crown above it, was revealed along with three solo photos. "The monograms were designed by graphic designer Charlotte Séborg Ohlsen, with technical support from graphic designer Mads Quistgaard and graphic designer Cecilie Kirkeskov Knudsen," the palace says in the comment column.

Vincent and Josephine of Denmark are the children of Crown Prince Frederik (52) and his wife, Crown Princess Mary (48), and the younger siblings of Prince Christian (15) and Princess Isabella (13).


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