Judith Rakers: The presenter had a paragliding accident in Spain

Judith Rakers
The presenter had a paragliding accident in Spain

Judith Rakers ventured into Spanish heights for “Wunderschön”.

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Judith Rakers has recently started hosting the program “Wunderschön”. As the WDR announced, there was an accident while filming in July.

Judith Rakers (45) has recently been moderating the popular WDR travel format “Wunderschön” in addition to the “Tagesschau” in Erste. As the broadcaster now announced, there was a paragliding accident while filming the second episode – fortunately with a mild outcome.

In Spain, the 45-year-old wanted to give TV viewers a particularly impressive view of the landscape of the Galicia region when she and her tandem flight partner landed rudely in a barbed wire fence with concrete pillars. According to the broadcaster, suddenly changing wind conditions were to blame, as Rakers confirmed in a press release: “Suddenly there was an air hole that brought us down too quickly.”

Judith Rakers got away with a bruised arm

The presenter suffered a bruise on her arm in the accident and was then checked through at the hospital. On the whole, however, she got off lightly. “It could have turned out very badly and it hurt a lot,” she explains. “Fortunately, my arm was fine again quickly.”

However, the paragliding adventure that went wrong seems to have a deterrent effect on Rakers. Although she would like to “continue to experience adventure”, she will first “say ‘no’ with fervor” “to high-risk sports that have to do with altitude”, emphasizes the journalist.

Judith Rakers joined the team of presenters for the 90-minute travel show “Wunderschön” this month, which regularly takes the television audience to places of interest around the world. The second episode with her, “Spain’s Green North – From the Way of St. James to the End of the World”, runs next Sunday (August 29th) at 8:15 pm on WDR and NDR. From Saturday (August 28), 10 a.m., it will also be available as a stream in the ARD media library.