Julie Depardieu reveals why she refuses to collaborate with Philippe Katerine, her companion: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Julie Depardieu spoke to Bernard Montiel during his show 1 hour with… on RFMSaturday November 18, 2023. In an exclusive extract offered by Gala.frthe same day, the actress spoke about her relationship with Philippe Katerine and the reasons why she does not wish to collaborate professionally with him. The love story between Julie Depardieu and Philippe Katerine began thirteen years ago during the filming of I’m a no man’s land by Thierry Jousse. An idyll, the instigator of which is none other that Arielle Dombasle. The two artists’ mutual friend played matchmaker after detecting chemistry between them in 2010. However, the start of their relationship was not easy. Julie Depardieu had the feeling that Philippe Katerine hated her. Arielle Dombasle, long-time friend of Philippe Katerine, had reassured Julie Depardieu ensuring that the singer appreciated it very much. Thanks to this intervention, the actress was able to live a fulfilling and discreet relationship with the father of her sons.

Julie Depardieu: “It’s better each on their own”

However, when Bernard Montiel discussed the possibility of professional collaboration between the two lovebirds during his show broadcast on RFMthe response from Gérard Depardieu’s daughter was categorical: “No”. A spontaneity that surprised the host. “It’s coming from you, you betrayed yourself”, the 66-year-old host told him. But the 50-year-old actress wanted to qualify her response by explaining: “It’s better for everyone to go their own way, unless he’s the one who wants it. He’s the big boss”. Even after thirteen years of love, Alfred and Billy’s mother remains firmly opposed to mixing professional and private lives. When Bernard Montiel recalled his previous statements stating that working together was impossible, the sister of the late Guillaume Depardieu reaffirmed her position emphasizing that “it’s better not to do it”. An answer that has the merit of being honest.

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