Kader Loth: You were surprised by an earthquake in Turkey

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In Turkey she was surprised by an earthquake

Kader Loth witnessed an earthquake in Turkey

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Kader Loth is in Turkey right now. Had to hide under a table during an earthquake.

TV star Kader Loth (48) apparently got away with the horror. According to a report by “Bild” she is currently on vacation in Turkey, but was surprised by an earthquake there on Saturday. “We were in the restaurant in Kartal Merkezi. A spontaneous earthquake of 3.9 shook us like in the wrong film,” she told the daily newspaper.

She hid under a dining table

All those present would then have “hidden under the dining tables”. During the earthquake, of all times, she did not have a smartphone on hand. “Today we didn’t have any cell phones with us because we only have the network in the hotel,” continues Loth. “Now we’re in the hotel, we have to come down.”

Back from Turkey it should then go on Wednesday. Kader Loth hope “that at least the return flight will run smoothly”. The 48-year-old is particularly known from various reality TV formats, including her participation in “Big Brother” and “I am a star – get me out of here!”. In addition, she will be seen in the new season of “Battle of the Reality Stars”.