Kamala Harris: "Vogue" boss Anna Wintour comments on the cover picture

All celebrity news of the day in the Brigitte ticker: Kamala Harris: "Vogue" boss Anna Wintour comments on the cover picture +++ Lilli Hollunder: Surprising declaration of love to her husband René +++ Wolke Hegenbarth: Thoughtful post after social media Pause +++ Sonya Kraus shows herself without a shell.

Celebrity news of the day in the Brigitte ticker

January 13, 2021

Kamala Harris: "Vogue" boss Anna Wintour comments on the cover picture

The discussion goes into the next round! Kamala Harris graces the February issue of Vogue. But the elected US Vice President is said to be dissatisfied with the cover. The reason: It shows the 56-year-old in a T-shirt and Converse sneakers. Allegedly, however, Harris wanted another picture to be taken that made her look more serious. Now "Vogue" boss Anna Wintour spoke up in person and defended the cover picture.

In the New York Times podcast "Sway" she emphasized: "We thought the less formal photo was a better representation of the current time." In their eyes, the picture seems "happy and optimistic" and is "charming and relaxed". In addition, the politician looks fantastic, said Wintour.

In an additional statement she also said: "Of course we heard and understood the reaction to the print cover." However, at no time was it intended to undermine the importance of the soon-to-be Vice-President.

Lilli Hollunder: Surprising declaration of love to her husband René

Lilli Hollunder, 34, and René Adler, 35, have been a couple for nine years. The actress and the former professional footballer have also been parents for almost a year: in May 2020, her son Casper saw the light of day. And Lilli couldn't be happier: She's making that clear online with a public declaration of love to her husband.

"Just wrote a small text message," the 34-year-old opens in her Instagram story. She then posts the content of the text message intended for her husband. This sounds like a reprimand at first. "Besides the housekeeping and baby and job, I didn't get to eat. […] What should I say? I sacrifice myself for the family every day and I like to do that. And you?", The Leverkusen-born apparently writes reproachful.

But there are no reproaches, only loving words: "You are just a great man. I am so grateful that you are in our life. Sometimes I can't believe my luck. I love you so so so much!"

The SMS was not completely unselfish, because Lilli has one more request to her husband: "And if you scratch my feet today […] I'll be the happiest girl you can imagine […] me thank you from the bottom of my heart if you grant me this wish. " And as you can see in the next story, René complied with this request.

January 12, 2021

Wolke Hegenbarth: Thoughtful post after a social media break

Wollke Hegenbarth, 40, did it: The actress withdrew from social media for some time. The 40-year-old was inactive on Instagram for exactly 25 days, from December 16, 2020 to January 10, 2021. Now the leading actress in the crime comedy "Alles Klara" has turned to her fans again.

In her first Instagram post after "media lockdown", as she calls it, the mother of a son draws a conclusion about the last few weeks. "Predominantly thoughtful. Trapped in the circumstances. Aimless. Timeless. Without a lot of variety. Without highlights", is how Wolke Hegenbarth describes the time. The biggest challenge was the "freedom from fun", explains the actress. Because you can find fun where people would gather. "And I really missed the resulting ease. And I will continue to do so," she admits. Nevertheless, she can also see something positive about the situation: "So much nothing was relaxing."

For her contribution, in which Wolke simply had herself photographed in a house suit, she received a lot of approval. "I love your texts and your thoughts," said one Instagram user. "You speak from my soul," adds another. Cloud has already found your personal goals for 2021. "Don't eat meat, just shop second-hand, do more yoga and meditate," she reveals to her fans in the post.

Sonya Kraus shows herself without a shell

Sonya Kraus, 47, knows what it means to be in the spotlight. She defends confidently her career as a letter fairy and as a presenter of the show "Talk Talk Talk". The mother of two presents herself at least as self-confident on her Instagram account. She is not stingy with her charms and is not too good for any pose.

After a short digital detox phase of ten days, Sonya Kraus is now reporting back to her fans on Instagram – and should cause all kinds of gasps. Her latest photo shows the 47-year-old without a shell. "Hey! My Insta-abstinence is over and I have no idea who this half-naked babe is, but my name is under it. Before I torture myself out of the jogger and even comb the hat, there's something preserved", jokes the moderator under her revealing posting.

"Half-naked" doesn't really apply, because Sonya is obviously not wearing anything here, even if she covers her breasts with her hands. The recording comes from the men's magazine "Maxim", which was discontinued in 2012, and stimulates all kinds of fantasies.

"Sonya for Playboy, now" asks a fan and is not alone. "Why was she never in Playboy except for an interview?" Asks another. And this Instagram user also agrees: "Now would be a good time for it! To show a little more in a leaden time would be a strong sign!"

January 11, 2021

Kamala Harris: The US Vice President's "Vogue" cover is causing trouble

The elected US Vice President Kamala Harris, 56, can be seen on the cover of the February issue of Vogue. The fact that the politician graces the cover of the fashion magazine is met with enthusiasm. But now there is anger about the cover picture, because: Apparently Harris wanted another picture to be used for it.

The cover of the February issue of "Vogue" shows the 56-year-old in a casual look, consisting of a blazer and trousers, with which she combines a T-shirt and Converse sneakers. The prospective US Vice President stands there relaxed and smiles.

But there is a second photo: Harris looks more serious in it. She has crossed her arms in front of her chest and wears a light blue pants suit by Michael Kors. According to media reports, the lawyer assumed that the second – more serious – picture would be used as the cover. As reported by the AP news agency, Harris should not have known until the publication, but that the cover had been replaced.

"Vogue" replied that both looks of the prospective Vice President and her team had been selected. In addition, the photo used was not selected out of bad faith, rather it would capture her authentic, accessible nature, confirms the editorial team. The fashion magazine partly gives in. The photo in which Harris wears the light blue pants suit has now also appeared as a digital magazine cover.

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