Kärcher group calls on politicians to stop using its name ‘inappropriately’

Valérie Pécresse recently declared that she wanted to “bring out the Kärcher”, echoing the declarations of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2005.

The Kärcher group called for the shutdown on Tuesday “immediate use of its brand“, Filed in the political sphere, deploring the words”displaced”By presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse, in a press release. “You have to bring out the Kärcher because it has been returned to the cellar by François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron for ten years.“Said candidate LR Thursday during a trip. This term was used in 2005 by Nicolas Sarkozy – Minister of the Interior and not yet president – who had said he wanted to clean up the “scum” to “Kärcher», A brand of high pressure water cleaners.

Tuesday, the company wished “react to the inappropriate and repeated comments of Madame Valérie Pécresse, presidential candidate, who has repeatedly used the Kärcher brand inappropriately“. The group “calls on politicians and the media to immediately cease all use of its brand in the political sphere, which undermines its brand and the values ​​of the company“, Recalling that Kärcher”is a registered trademark of Alfred Kärcher SE & Co KG, parent company of the French subsidiary Kärcher“.

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Previous warning in 2007

Founded in 1935 and whose parent company is based in Germany, the group emphasizes that “has been fighting, for years, so that its brand is not exploited on the French political scene, where it has no place, and is opposed to its being associated with any political party or current“. “The Kärcher brand is not the banner of any political party, but the exclusive property of the Kärcher companies. It can and should only be used to designate the products of the Kärcher companies. The Kärcher group thus deplores the ignorance by certain political figures of respect for its rights.“, He adds in his press release.

Uses “inappropriate“Of his brand”are all the more damaging“That they associate it”to violence and insecurity, while the company is dedicated to cleaning” and “also defends strong civic values, in particular by leading an active policy of cultural sponsorship and intervenes on large-scale projects», Still laments the group. In 2007, the company had already denounced “repeated useOf his brand in the election campaign and writes to presidential candidates warning them against the misuse of his name.

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