Karine Le Marchand: the day the police mistook her for a prostitute: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Karine Le Marchand and its legendary naturalness. Friday June 5, 2020, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received the presenter from Love is in the meadow on the set of C to you, a few days before the shooting of the next season broadcast very soon on M6. After having firmly defended the condition of farmers, Karine Le Marchand could not avoid a certain question about a place in government. And it is not a categorical "no"! However, St├ęphane Plaza's great friend spoke ironically of her "sense of diplomacy" deemed incompatible with a political career … at least "not for the moment". In the meantime, Karine Le Marchand is enjoying her few days off before the big recovery but has not stopped her lives on Instagram. Indeed, every weekend, the presenter helps her single subscribers find love. A routine that gave rise to a sacred misunderstanding.

"The gendarmes thought I was kicking!"

"I was confined to the provinces and I had three teenagers who took all the wifi. So I took my car and I went to the village at 5km and I got into my car. But I was arrested one day by the gendarmes because I think they thought I was kicking! ", said Karine Le Marchand, under the stunned gaze of her two interlocutors. "And they still believed the official version?", asked Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, smiling. "Well yes! They could see that I was live. I said to them: 'I'm filming you!' It was too funny ", concluded the flagship host of M6. An anecdote which did not allow him to find love …

"Didn't you find love for the gendarmes?", timidly tried Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. "No… But I had policewomen who showed up on Instagram but I don't know if they found …" A pirouette which will close the subject since Karine Le Marchand affirms it without blushing: "Get flirted live, no thanks." Next question !

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