“Krone” heart person – design our blue and yellow homeland with a lot of heart!

They don’t ask whether they get paid for the effort, they don’t look at the working hours: 800,000 volunteers make our home state worth living in. Last year, the “Krone” together with the volunteer service launched the “heart person” campaign in order to be able to say “thank you” to exactly those people.

Again this year, individuals, clubs and club-friendly communities could be nominated. The interest was enormous: thousands of emails and ballots were written, tens of thousands of online clicks were made. Among other things, the association “Pinguin” from Haidershofen in the Mostviertel or several hospice groups were mentioned. The communities of Jederspeigen, Schrattenberg, Waldenstein and 32 others were named by citizens for the particularly active work for associations. Clubs and communities could be supported by online voting. This electronic race was extremely close until the entry deadline. In addition, ten particularly deserving individuals were named “heart people of the year” by submission and expert jury.Big heart person festivalNow that the winners have been determined in all three categories, the tension increases – because the winners will only be revealed at the big “crown”. -Heartman Festival on November 11th. In the run-up to this, the Managing Director of the Lower Austria Culture Region, Martin Lammerhuber, thanked the volunteers, associations and communities. Lammerhuber: “Across the country in the 573 municipalities of Lower Austria, clubs and volunteers form the backbone of society and the municipal administrations actively help to let club life flourish.”
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