“Krone” review – “Antigone”: A safe anchor in new times

Everything new at the Phoenix Theater! All? Not quite. As the anchor of the first production under the new director Silke Dörner, people in Wiener Strasse were happy to rely on the only ensemble “veteran” Martin Brunnemann, who, at the start of the season on Thursday evening in “Antigone”, played the main role of Kreon as strong and confident as ever played. The five new members of the ensemble buzzed around him, and one could have trusted them a little more than letting them perform and speak together as a choir for long stretches. Gina Christof (Ismene), Lara Sienczak (Antigone), Gulshan Bano Sheikh (Eurydice), Marius Zernatto (Haimon, Eteokles) and Mirkan Öncel (Teiresias) proved this in their individual performances.

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