Lady Gaga: Your kidnapped dogs are back

Lady Gaga
Your kidnapped dogs are back

Lady Gaga is certainly relieved: her dogs are back

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The US singer Lady Gaga can breathe a sigh of relief: Her two kidnapped dogs have been safely handed over to the police in Los Angeles.

Lady Gaga's (34, "Chromatica") dogs have reappeared. This is reported by numerous US media citing the police authorities in Los Angeles. "I can confirm that the dogs have been found and are safe," the "People" magazine quotes an official. A woman would have handed the two French Bulldogs over to a police station on Friday (February 26). A short time later, an employee of Lady Gaga would have confirmed the identity of the dogs at the station.

The woman who returned the dogs was in all probability not involved in the attack when the animals were kidnapped. On Wednesday evening, the singer's dog sitter was attacked and even shot by a previously unknown perpetrator. The shooter took two of Lady Gaga's three dogs and fled undetected. The victim was only slightly injured in the attack. Gaga himself is currently in Rome, Italy, shooting her new film.