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Today, it is now possible to have shiny hair almost instantly. The innovative technology of "lamellar water" treatment (= in French "lamellar water") sublimates hair without weighing it down. According to the dictionary definition, lamellar refers to "a structure made of slats". Behind this English-speaking group of words hides a revolutionary treatment, which has long been reserved only for hairdressing professionals. The good news ? Now, it is now accessible to everyone and will become our best hair ally of the year!

The "lamellar water" treatment: an ideal treatment to bring shine and hydration to the hair

Different from masks and hair care products that we all know, lamellar care is composed of very fine molecules and lightweight (a tenth the size of those found in traditional hair formulas) and comes in a liquid form, like water (hence the name). All without silicone!

Result? These micro-molecules have the ability to penetrate much more easily into the heart of the hair fiber (when they are in contact with water) and deposit tiny moisturizing and revitalizing active ingredients there, targeting the areas that need it most.

Where to perform or buy this treatment?

Informal in France, the "lamellar water" treatment can still be purchased on certain websites of several major cosmetic brands (in particular L'Oréal Paris with its Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment, Redken with its special treatment for bleached hair Extreme Bleach Recovery Lamellar Water, or Kerastase with its professional K Water Lamellar Hair Treatment). This treatment can be applied after each shampoo, for an incredible shiny finish ! And for those who prefer to entrust their sublime hair to an expert, know that the salons Kerastase offers this revolutionary treatment.

To test urgently !

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