Last trace Berlin: shooting started for the eleventh season

Last trace of Berlin
Shooting started for the eleventh season

Oliver Radek (Hans-Werner Meyer), Lucy Elbe (Josephin Busch), Mina Amiri (Jasmin Tabatabai) and Richard Hanke (Andreas Leupold) as substitutes for Alexander von Tal.

© ZDF / Oliver Feist

The shooting of season eleven of “Last Trace Berlin” has started. Andreas Leupold will play a commissioner in the new episodes.

The shooting of the eleventh season of the crime series “Last Trace Berlin” has begun in the capital. The ZDF announced on Monday (May 31) in a message. In the new episodes, Andreas Leupold (62) will join the cast. He plays inspector Richard Hanke, who is new to the team at the missing persons office. Twelve new episodes are to be created by December 2021.

The experienced Commissioner Hanke, who is about to retire, represents Alex von Tal (Aleksandar Radenkovic, 41), who is on a special commission, in the first three episodes. Also in the series are Hans-Werner Meyer (57), Jasmin Tabatabai (53) and Josephin Busch (34). From episode four, Aleksandar Radenkovic will be there again. While von Tal after Soko is faced with a difficult decision due to disciplinary proceedings, Mina (Jasmin Tabatabai) doubts whether the missing person’s office is still the right job for her. Without further ado, she applied for another position.