Lawyer turned on – no mask: elementary school students wrote test outdoors

The FPÖ draws attention to a grotesque incident in Voitsberg in western Styria: A nine-year-old elementary school pupil who had a medical certificate for a mask exemption had to take a competence test outdoors – at low temperatures and with the window to the classroom open. The school management was not available for a comment for the time being.

According to FPÖ Federal Councilor Markus Leinfellner, the elementary school student is regularly tested and has had a medical certificate since January 9th, which provides for a mask exemption. Since that day, according to the instructions of the school director, he was no longer allowed to take part in classroom lessons. However, the nine-year-old wanted to take the science test “because of his meticulous learning”, as Leinfellner says – but he had to write it outdoors. Now the parents have taken the child from school and turned on a lawyer. “Treated like a leper” Leinfellner speaks of a “special class scandal. It cannot be that a student is treated like a leper despite the presence of a medical certificate. We freedom will confront the education minister and the Styrian education councilor with this case. After this incident, it is by no means possible to go back to the agenda. ”The management of the elementary school has not yet been reached for a statement.
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