Lea Michele: Your son was born

Actress Lea Michele became a mother. The "Glee" star is said to have a name for his son.

Actress Lea Michele (33, "Scream Queen") became a mother. The "Glee" star and husband Zandy Reich were already happy about the birth of their son on August 20th, as reported by "The Hollywood Reporter". According to "People", the two should already have a name for their first offspring together.

The couple's son is said to be Ever Leo. "Everyone is happy and well – and the two are extremely grateful," an unspecified source told the US magazine. So far, the offspring is a "simple baby," the insider revealed.

Lea Michele confirmed her pregnancy in May this year with an Instagram picture of her baby bump. "So grateful," she wrote. According to "People", the couple had had an intense desire to have children for a long time. Michele and Reich have only been married since March 2019. The two met and fell in love around two years earlier. Michele lost her life partner Cory Monteith (1982-2013) in 2013, whom she met on the set of her hit series "Glee". Her great love at the time died at the age of only 31.


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