Léa Salamé uncomfortable after being trapped by Thomas Sotto: Current Woman The MAG


Thomas Sotto wanted to trap his colleague on Tuesday February 23, 2021. The journalist, who works hand in hand with Léa Salamé to host the show It's your turn to speak on France 2, decided to pose as a listener in order to surprise her during her morning, which she presents on France Inter alongside Nicolas Demorand. "Hello, I am Thomas and I am calling you from Luxembourg, thank you for taking my question!", he said, persuaded to go incognito. But Léa Salamé immediately recognized her voice . "Oh no, Sotto!"she said, amused and uncomfortable. The companion of Raphaël Glucksman still let his colleague continue his little game: "I am an unconditional fan of Léa Salamé. I have seen absolutely all her shows on TV, I have read all her books. Finally, I have read her book.", he quipped, referring to Powerful women (Ed. Les Arènes), his book released in 2020.

To amuse the gallery, the 47-year-old journalist, who had not hesitated to tease Anne-Sophie Lapix in the middle of the newspaper in August 2020, also attempted a trick question: "I wanted to know if Léa, she is happier when she works on the radio with Nicolas Demorand, or on television with Thomas Sotto?", he asked. Columnist Alex Vizorek then exclaimed: "Good question ! Many women refuse to choose while men are square and are unable to multiply their passion! How many times has Nicolas Demorand not been called by Cristina Cordula to co-present 'Les Reines du shopping'? Well no ! He didn't go and it shows! ".

"She couldn't choose"

Without letting the main interested party answer, Alex Vizorek then continued: "She couldn't choose between the two". According to him "hard work, journalistic rigor and perfect time management" that she finds in Thomas Sotto, cannot eclipse all the qualities of Nicolas Demorand, in particular his passion, shared by Léa Salamé, for social networks. To conclude, the comedian ended up calling Thomas Sotto directly: "Dear Thomas, do not try to divide this herd."

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