leak destroys players’ hopes

Bad news has just hit the Resident Evil sphere, as fans eagerly await a big announcement. Obviously, we’re going to have to wait a while.

Right now, it’s hard to be a RE fan. Well almost, since there was still Resident Evil 4 Remake in this year 2023. However, players who are waiting for news of 9 are losing hope of knowing more before 2024. We know that it exists, but it That’s about all the official information we have about him. And obviously, we must continue to be patient, because the franchise is not ready to return to the forefront.

When is the Resident Evil sequel coming?

The last time we heard about Capcom’s license was when Dusk Golem spoke about Resident Evil 9. According to him, the development of the game requires a colossal budget, and it would be the biggest ever deployed for a title in the series. That would make him “the greatest RE of all time”, which is not to be taken lightly. “ The two things I’ve said publicly about this are that RE9 requires the biggest budget in the series, and that it will take the longest to develop of any RE game to date.. It probably won’t be released until 2025 at the earliest “.

Said like that, it’s rather tempting, but you shouldn’t take everything literally. Our man is used to delivering “scoops” on the license, of course, but he often misfires. In any case, he intervened again on a Discord server to talk about the future of Capcom. He explains to us that there will be a big game which will be announced at the end of 2023, with a release set for 2024. However, Dusk Golem is clear: it does not concern Resident Evil or Dragon’s Dogma 2. Given the latest rumors, it we should rather count on Monster Hunter 6 or MH World 2. An announcement at the Game Awards 2023?

An uncertain future?

RE9 would therefore not be expected before 2025, which should disappoint some fans. And that’s not all. If you follow the rumors around Resident Evil, you’ve probably already heard about a remake of Code Veronica. It has gained momentum in particular since the publication of a long message on 4chan describing the project in detail. Dusk Golem tells us not to pay attention to it, because it’s plain and simple ” anything “. But with 4chan, players are used to it.

As for Resident Evil 9, it has already been the subject of leaks, although we also have to be careful about what we are told. Its setting would be set in a ghost town, in the west, and there would be mythical creatures to face. It would represent a “new chapter” for the studio, a new beginning. Does this promise a return to the third-person view? We won’t know until there’s a first trailer. To be continued.

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