Leni Klum: She celebrated her 20th birthday with mom Heidi so wildly

Leni Klum
She celebrated her 20th birthday with mom Heidi so wildly

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Leni Klum celebrated her 20th birthday on Saturday (May 4) with her mother and friends in New York. On her Instagram account Heidi Klum (50) shared several posts with impressions of the day. First, mother and daughter, Leni’s boyfriend Aris Rachevsky (20) and other friends went shopping in the fashion metropolis. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” the model wrote on a video in which the birthday girl dances wildly in front of the mirror in a store with a huge bow on her head.

The group then continued to celebrate by eating sushi in a restaurant. A blue and pink birthday cake was waiting for Leni, who was wearing a sparkling black bodysuit. She blew out the candles to the applause of her guests. “New York. The city that never sleeps. Birthday party,” Heidi Klum captioned the video.

Thomas Hayo celebrated with us

The next stop was dancing to Heidi Klum’s own song “Sunglasses at Night” in the club. Klum cheerfully stopped to bring her 12 million followers along to the party. Her long-time companion Thomas Hayo (55) can also be seen in the videos. The former “Germany’s Next Top Model” juror celebrated wildly.

The celebrations for Leni’s birthday concluded with a shared taxi ride. Here too, Heidi Klum and her daughter’s friends belted out their own hit, this time Klum’s “Wonderland”.

In public since 2020

Leni Klum was born on May 4, 2004 in New York City. Her father is the former Formula 1 manager Flavio Briatore (74), with whom her mother was only briefly in a relationship. At the age of five, she was adopted by Heidi Klum’s then-husband Seal (61). Since her debut on the cover of “Vogue” in 2020, Leni Klum has been in the spotlight herself and has built a successful modeling career. She also studies interior design in New York.


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