Letizia of Spain: Evening dress, sandals … The queen, tanned, shines solo in Mallorca

It’s a duo we didn’t really expect: this Sunday, Letizia from Spain reunited with Isabelle Huppert at the Atlantida Film Festival, which takes place every year in Majorca. And if the French actress had chosen a magnificent white tuxedo, the sovereign was perfectly molded in a black dress signed & Other Stories, one of her favorite brands for the summer. A perfect way for her to highlight her muscular arms and her sublime body while remaining very natural.

Hair down and skin already well tanned, she had for once abandoned her eternal high-heeled shoes, preferring much more summery sandals that went perfectly with her outfit. It must be said that the queen is on vacation on the island and perhaps could not take advantage of her complete dressing room, with which she did not want to bother.

As every year, in fact, the royal family took their summer vacation on the Balearic island, where they are completely quiet for a few weeks, recharging the batteries after a rather intense year. A year during which their daughter Leonor experienced going to live alone in a boarding school abroad, in Wales, where she was able to benefit from the excellence of the teaching… and live her life as a teenager: at almost 17, it is rumored that she would have found a boyfriend there!

The girl has now returned to Spain and is only expected to return to the UK for the start of the school year. For the moment, she is surely taking advantage of her family and in particular her little sister, Sofia. This one, at 15 years old, has taken for a few weeks a much more important role in the Iberian royalty, carrying out her first engagements in solo or with her sister. Less and less shy, she seems promised a bright future in her country!

The two sisters, who accompanied their parents to Mallorca to enjoy the summer, shouldn’t blame their mother for having made a small official commitment during their holidays but they had not accompanied her, undoubtedly preferring to enjoy from their friends or from the beach. Like every year, however, they should make a few official outings and allow photographers to enjoy their perfect tans!

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