“Let’s Dance” star Renata Lusin: She struggles with postpartum depression

“Let’s Dance” star Renata Lusin
Professional dancer struggles with postpartum depression

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“Let’s Dance” star Renata Lusin, 36, keeps giving updates about her new life as a mom on Instagram. Her daughter Stella is now a good three weeks old and a certain routine seems to be settling into the Lusin house. But the dancer also openly addresses the topic of supposed “postpartum depression”.

“Let’s Dance” star Renata Lusin: professional dancer struggles with postpartum depression

In her Instagram story, the professional dancer says: “I enjoy being together.” Since her husband Valentin Lusin, 37, is away during the day and her mother has also left, she can get to know Stella in peace at the moment. But being at home so much also has its downsides for her: “In general, it’s not that easy for me because I’m such an action person. I always want to go out, I want to be among people. The postpartum period is hard.”

In terms of her mood, she wasn’t feeling so well, especially in the first week, but “it’s better now.” She hopes that everything will settle down over time. “I think that’s normal. Nobody is prepared for the postpartum period.” Renata’s main focus at the moment is one thing: “The most important thing is that Stella is such a sweet, healthy, bright, spirited baby. She just loves me more than anything.”

Renata Lusin: “It was a difficult birth”

In March, the dancer couple announced the birth of their daughter. The official Instagram account for “Let’s Dance” said: “Little Stella was born on March 21st weighing 3,900 grams and 56 cm.” Mother and child are doing well. There was also a first photo of the new parents with their baby from the hospital. “I am the happiest dancer in the world,” Valentin Lusin told fans.

A few days later, Renata revealed to her followers on Instagram: “It was a difficult birth.” She then revealed that she was in labor for more than 37 hours: “The contractions started on March 19th at 11 p.m. and our daughter was born naturally on March 21st at 12:28 p.m.”

In the current season of the RTL show “Let’s Dance”, Valentin Lusin dances with the influencer Ann-Kathrin Bendixen, 24. Last year he won the dance show with Anna Ermakova, 24. Renata Lusin has also achieved success. She won in 2021 with Rúrik Gíslason, 36. The Lusins ​​have been together for around 20 years and have been married since 2014. They have been part of “Let’s Dance” since 2018.

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