Let’s Dance: The dance adventure is over for Erol Sander

Let’s dance
For Erol Sander, the dance adventure is over

Erol Sander and Marta Arndt on the “Let’s Dance” parquet.

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

The fifth live show of “Let’s Dance” was a big summer party. For Erol Sander, however, the evening turned into a letdown.

After the Easter break, “Let’s Dance” continued lively on Friday evening. The motto of the fifth live show: summer party. However, not all dance couples had a reason to celebrate at the end of the event.

Valentina Pahde scores the highest number of points

Lola Weippert (25) and Christian Polanc (42) opened the show with a salsa. Basically, the performance was well received by the jury, consisting of Motsi Mabuse (39), Joachim Llambi (56) and Jorge González (53). However, she wanted the moderator a little more delicacy and insights into her emotional world. Weippert won 22 points. Jan Hofer (69) and Christina Luft (31) were able to improve with their slow fox, but they didn’t get more than twelve points in the evening. Anders Nicolas Puschmann (30) and Vadim Garbuzov (33). For their Charleston, which Mabuse praised as “fantastic”, they also received a fantastic 29 points.

Ilse DeLange (43) and Evgeny Vinokurov (31) presented a tango. According to the jury’s verdict, it wasn’t perfect, but it was full of power. The dancing couple was rewarded with 25 points. On the other hand, Auma Obama (61) and Andrzej Cibis (33) got 16 points for the rumba. The jury missed the pepper in the performance. On the other hand, she would have wished for more technology and cleanliness from Simon Zachenhuber (22) and Patricija Belousova (26). Your jive was rated with 20 points.

Erol Sander (52) and Marta Arndt (31) had to be satisfied with 13 points in the evening. After the actor’s samba, Llambi demanded that he release the handbrake in the future. There was praise for Mickie Krause (50) and Malika Dzumaev (30). With their salsa, the dance couple is “on the right track”. It was able to secure 16 points. It rained almost twice as many points for Valentina Pahde (26) and Valentin Lusin (34). Their appearance received a standing ovation from the entire jury. According to Llambi, the best slow fox of all seasons received full points. Rúrik Gíslason (33) and Renata Lusin (33) also scratched the record with their Quickstep, but could only be happy about 29 points in the end.

No happy ending for Erol Sander

Things finally got tight for Lola Weippert, Erol Sander and Mickie Krause. They had to tremble in the red spotlight to get ahead. However, only two celebrity dancers were redeemed – and Erol Sander was not one of them. For the “Mordkommission Istanbul” actor, the adventure “Let’s Dance” (also with TVNow) past.