Life Path Number: What’s Your Lucky Number?

According to numerology, every person has a lucky number, also called a life path number, that is supposed to support you in life. Find out which one is yours.

Life Path Number: Why You Should Know It

Within numerology, the spiritual theory of numbers, the Life Path Number a particularly large role. It is your life number, which tells you something about your being, your strengths and your weaknesses. Of that, too exciting insights into work and relationships derive. According to numerology, the Life Path Number should support you on your individual life path. She should bring you luck!

Maybe your Life Path Number is yours too often noticed in everyday life – without knowing why. The Life Path Number can also be viewed as a kind of guide. Do you discover them by accident? in a critical situationAccording to numerologists, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you are on the right track.

Life Path Number: how is it calculated?

Overall there is nine life numbers. The following applies: A Life Path Number is always one single digit number. From 1 to 9 – your lucky number is between here.

Would you like to calculate your Life Path Number? Nothing easier than that! To do this, you have to take a look at your birthday including your year of birth and add up all the numbers.

An example: Your birthday is this 11/02/1989.

You add: 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9.

That results in: 31.

The second step will be both numbers added again.

The result is the Life Path Number: 3 + 1 = 4.

In this example, your Life Path Number would be number 4.

Special case: No single-digit number in the result

Depending on your date of birth, it may be in the second step not a single digit number comes out, for example when you have calculated the number 39 (3 + 9 = 12). No problem: In this case you add both numbers again to get your single-digit Life Path Number.

The whole bill:

Your date of birth is 12/28/1989

You add: 2 + 8 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9

That gives: 39

Next step: 3 + 9 = 12

Life Path Number: 1 + 2 = 3

In this case, the Life Path Number would be number 3 – with a little extra step.

Let us now look at the meaning of the individual Life Path Numbers.

number 1

Do you feel like being in the boss’s position? With the Life Path Number 1 you have good cards for it. Anyone who has calculated this number has a natural talent for leadership. People trust you quickly and follow your advice. Others may feel a little intimidated by your kind.

Strengthen: Ambition, leadership, charming, diplomatic

weaknesses: Engaging, patronizing, quick-tempered

number 2

Everything is more beautiful together! That could be the life motto of people who have calculated Life Path Number 2. Their empathic and selfless manner makes them sociable contemporaries who sometimes give themselves up too much to please others.

Strengthen: Caring, compassion, creativity, mediator skills (mediator)

weaknesses: Easily hurt, conflict-shy, saying no is difficult

Number 3

People with the life number 3 still have a lot to do in this life. They are the classic entrepreneurial types who want to implement their own ideas full of curiosity, courage and zest for action and are reluctant to subordinate themselves. However, their impatience can get in their way.

Strengthen: Good-naturedness, curiosity, motivation

weaknesses: quick resignation, changeability, absent-mindedness

Number 4

Probably everyone would like to have someone with Life Path Number 4 as a colleague. Here empathy meets reliability – a wonderful combination for friendships and teams. The four of us don’t like it when someone steps out of line and excludes themselves from the group.

Strengthen: Team spirit, reliability, discipline

weaknesses: inflexible, suspicious, fixated on norms and rules

Number 5

If someone can communicate well, it is people with Life Path Number 5! Your sharp wittedness sweeps others away and makes you a welcome guest – at professional or private events. And even if the 5 people can win for themselves quickly – they don’t really allow themselves to look into the cards.

Strengthen: Acumen, communication, enthusiasm

weaknesses: wasteful, flighty, undisciplined

Number 6

Whoever did you figure out Life Path Number 6 is most likely a very social and gregarious person. You like to be with other people – at work or in your private life. However, you are less able to deal with disputes or a bad working atmosphere. You quickly wonder what you did wrong. The inner critic is a little too pronounced in people with the life number 6 – believe more in yourself!

Strengthen: Willpower, curiosity, empathy

weaknesses: Self-criticism, insecurity, selflessness (which leads to excessive demands)

Number 7

People with Life Path Number 7 are visionaries who want to make the world a little bit better. However, sometimes they are so perfectionist that they stand in their own way.

Strengthen: Foresight, intuition, independence

weaknesses: Shyness, restlessness, self-criticism

Number 8

Planning and organizing – this is particularly suitable for people with life number 8. You are extremely good at handling numbers and are meticulous about details. However, this can also seem a bit fussy to others.

Strengthen: Organizational skills, ambition, good with finances

weaknesses: dogged, nervous, materialistic

Number 9

Anyone who has calculated the Life Path Number 9 wants to get ahead in life. You have clear ideas and views and are also guided by ideals that you absolutely want to achieve. Sometimes the 9s live too future-oriented and forget that it can also be good to appreciate the current moment.

Strengthen: Idealism, principle, generosity

weaknesses: giving in too quickly, future-oriented, inflexible

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