Lili Reinhart: She takes care of dog Milo so tenderly

Actress Lili Reinhart (23, "Riverdale") wrote an emotional post on Instagram after her dog Milo was attacked by another dog while walking. "I almost lost Milo a week ago after he was attacked and I can't imagine what my life would be like without him now," she wrote, sharing a picture of her four-legged friend. In the meantime, he is on the mend.

"I am his little, personal doctor"

In an interview with "W-Magazine", Reinhart explains in more detail about Milo's health: "He is okay, he behaves a bit restlessly with everyone except me. (…) His head wound is quite large and I try hard that she is not infected. I am his small, personal doctor and I take care that he is well, "said Reinhart. She even ordered a nourishing ointment for him for around $ 200.

The contact with friends gives her strength

Corona-dependent isolation is spent by mistress and dog in Vancouver. In addition to caring for the four-legged friend, they paint and do puzzles. She maintains her social contacts via video chats: "It has been an incredibly hard month for all of us. And even if the quarantine is isolated and extremely challenging, especially for those who are struggling with mental problems, I have I learned a lot about myself during this time. I have learned to appreciate the people in my life who are at my side for good and bad, "says Instagram.

Reinhart reveals to fashion magazine that she now also appreciates her work as an actress. After longing for a break during the long shoot for the new "Riverdale" season, she now realizes how important the work is to her. "'I need days off', but I didn't mean that."