Lithuanian coach Valdas Ivanauskas explains Swiss national team opponents

Mr Ivanauskas, up until now you have always been the Lithuanian football legend, now you are suddenly the Lithuanian national coach. How did that happen?
Valdas Ivanauskas: I’ve been a U19 coach since February, the results got worse in the summer and the association reacted. I was asked to take over until the end of the qualification in November.

The first three games in September did not go as expected. Their team lost 4-1 to Northern Ireland, 1-0 in Bulgaria and 5-0 in Italy.
And guess what? I haven’t even been to the stadium. On Monday I traveled to the national team and was tested – negative. On Wednesday, at the compulsory Uefa test, I was corona-positive. It was a slight shock: I am vaccinated and still fell ill. Although I also adhere to the rules meticulously.

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