LoL: MAD Lions formalizes a Korean for his top lane in the LEC

Photo: LoL Esports

Armute was dismissed by MAD Lions a few days ago and the Turkish top laner is expected in North America. To replace him, the leaders have decided to stay in the exotic by betting on a Korean top laner! He is not the first to land in our league and before him we had the opportunity to observe players like Ruins (Giants Gaming), Expect (G2) or Profit (Snape). While there has been good and less good, we can’t wait to see the newcomer land.

MAD Lions has been busy during the offseason. In addition to a toplaner, a CDA and one Support are waiting.

Riot Games’ approval is still required.

Chasy, a Korean already acclimatized to Europe

The Korean top laner in question is Kim “Chasy“Dong-hyeon. The latter is relatively young given that he is 21 years old but he has not yet had the opportunity to prove himself at the highest level in a major league before his signing with MAD. Even if he moved from DWG KIA, he has never played with the first team and does not have a single LCK game to his credit, he has however played in the second division with awesome spear… Funny little detail: he started his career as a midlaner.

But Chasy is not a complete stranger in Europe either. For a little over 6 months, he wore the colors of X7 in NLC. Alongside Viking, Attila and Kasing he finished 2nd in this ERL. Qualified for the EUM during Summer 2022, he reached the quarters where he was knocked out by GameWard. In LEC, he would also have the pleasure of finding Malrang, one of his former teammates. We imagine that he would dream of doing as well as him.

MAD Lions, an ambitious team?

Chasy in the top, Elyoya and Nisqy retained… For the moment, it is the players who are validated for next year. It now remains to formalize the botlane. According to rumours, Carzzy would have been repatriated and Hyllisang would have been recovered from fnatic.

On paper, this starting 5 can hurt a lot. There are no less than 3 players who have already lifted the title in Europe, but also a rookie like Chasy who will bring anger and envy. Despite his youth, he’s not the one who raises the most questions, but rather the potential Carzzy/Hyllisang botlane… hard to do more coinflip.


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