LoL: Misfits seller, but Karmine Corp deprived of LEC?

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The French League of Legends community is in full swing… A crazy rumor has arisen, out of nowhere in the middle of the day. An LEC structure would be about to sell its place in the European elite! This is not the first time that such a rumor has appeared, and we had already lent this kind of intention to Astralis in the past. But this time it’s Misfits Gaming who would leave his place.

What especially shocked the community is that the potential buyer is not a structure that has made a lot of noise so far. We are still walking on eggshells, but neither KOInor the Karmine Corp. would not have hit the jackpot… While information is jostling and it is difficult to see clearly, it is time to take stock!

Where did the Misfits Gaming rumor come from?

Several whistleblowers have given the same signal: Misfits Gamong is on the way to selling its LEC slot. However, there are nuances depending on the leaks:

  • According Erosthe Rabbits would have already sold their place and if we follow his voice, it is a certainty.
  • According LEC Wooloothe Rabbits are still in negotiations and there has been no deal yet
  • Finally, Paul Arrived (L’Equipe) who is currently on vacation intervened in the discussions, without saying too much but confirming the overall trend.

To be completely honest, we didn’t necessarily expect that… Misfits Gaming is a team that has respectable results in the LEC and which also has a top player: the Frenchman Vetheo. Regularly qualified for the playoffs, the current players of the team had moreover until now a fairly conquering speech. But esports is also about money. While an LEC slot is estimated at several tens of millions of euros, the temptation to sell is studied.

A surprise buyer!

Once again, the various whistleblowers do not entirely agree. Eros spoke of two potential teams: the Karmine Corp.well known by the French community and Team Heretics, a Spanish team. It was enough for the ultras to celebrate while praying that their dream would finally come true, after three victories in a row at the EUM.

But unfortunately, Paul Arrivé and LEC Wooloo have blown an icy air conditioning… According to their information, if there is a takeover of the Misfits slot, neither KOI nor KC are involved. It’s a blow for the fans, who see this opportunity pass under the nose of the Blue Wall. It’s unclear if Team Herectics is really the mystery redeemer, but since no other names have leaked, the structure should be taken seriously.


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