LoL: the cat of a professional player immortalized in the game!

League of Legends is preparing for the imminent arrival of the most special skins of the year. True to tradition, Riot Games has created a new theme to honor the 2021 Worlds champion team. EDward Gaming will accompany other historical teams such as Fnatic or SK Telecom T1 with cosmetics adapted to each of the players. However, this time there will be a very special detail. Instead of deciding to create a look that suits him, one of the world champions dedicated his award to his pet.

Felines for each other

It’s not uncommon for a world champion to decide to honor another person with their custom skin. Doinb asked Riot Games for a Malphite cosmetic so that he and his wife could see themselves immortalized. However here, it will be the first animal chosen by a player. We must still recognize that the previous winners had not had many opportunities either since League of Legends does not have many characters with this kind of appearance. However, Yuumi gave Meiko the perfect excuse to honor her pet.

Meiko’s Cat

Yuumi Skin - League of Legends
Yuumi Skin

The Riot Games teams very quickly confirmed the rumor, the resemblance between Yuumi’s skin and the appearance of Meiko’s pet feline, was one of the claims of the EDG support. Once this anecdote is confirmed, certain details are obvious: the shape of the spots around the eyes are of course similar, and the species of bow tie visible in the photo released on social networks also had its homage in the skin. official.

Not the first choice?

This situation should be officially clarified within a few days, even a few hours, but a rumor is circulating. According to some netizens, Yuumi was not Meiko’s first choice. The latter’s wishes would have first turned to Lulu, but for some unknown reason, he would have changed his mind and chose to pay homage to his cat. This idea seems too specific to be just a sudden inspiration, and it’s a safe bet that it has been floating around in the player’s head for a while. However, this would not explain this change of champion.

If we dismiss the idea of ​​a simple personal choice by Meiko (who very well could have just thought of Lulu first and then changed her mind before the final date), several theories can be evoked. Meiko really wanted to pay homage to her animal, and asked for it to be integrated like Lulu’s Pix. Riot Games could have refused, either for technical reasons or to avoid confusion between this appearance of Pix and Yuumi. It is also possible that the first sketches convinced neither the studio nor Meiko, and that the choice then turned to Yuumi. Anyway, the latter will now sit proudly in the pantheon of the “best” champions of the game.


We know almost all the teams that will compete in the League of Legends MSI this year. As in 2021, the competition will be divided into 3 stages. The first should only be a formality for G2 Esports, the European champions, even if their group will be a bit special…

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