Lost Lake Games: a new studio opened in Seattle by alumni of Rockstar, Blizzard and ArenaNet

New studios are created every month, but when they are led by names that have already marked the industry, they attract more attention. This is the case of Lost Lake Gamesa new unit formed by veterans of Blizzard, Rockstar Games and ArenaNet. The Seattle-based company was co-founded by James Phinney, lead designer on StarCraft, Guild Wars and giganticJoe Pikop, character artist at the house of Rockstar, ArenaNet and Motigaand Mark Pottorf, former programmer of the gameplay having worked at daybreak and Highwire.

They are already accompanied by senior engineer Patrick Corwin, artist Katy Hargrove, and the game designer Matt Tobiason, past Carbine Studios and Six Foot. And they all aim to develop cross-platform games, well helped by the 5 million recovered during a fundraiser through BITKRAFT Venturesa company specializing in e-sports, video games and interactive media, with in particular investments of Lightspeed Venture Partners, Moon Holdings and 1Up Ventures.

“The name Lost Lake is a promise: discovery, adventure, unforgettable experiences,” said Phinney. “It is a promise made to the players and also to our team. Lost Lake is not tied to a single platform or genre, but rather to a core belief that empowering talented individuals and fostering a culture of collaboration leads to amazing games. »

“Ultimately, we’re building a studio for game developers who always want to make things better and love to celebrate success with their peers. We are thrilled to work with BITKRAFT Ventures and the entire team of investors who help bring our vision to life. »

So don’t be surprised to see the name of Lost Lake Games reappear in the media within a few years.

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