Love is in the meadow: An iconic couple is getting married soon!

For many months, Jerome and Lucile prepare us for their wedding, which is closer than ever. The candidates who met in 2020 on the set of Love is in the meadow actively document the progress of the organization of D-Day on social networks and should certainly share photos and videos of the event in real time. But they are not the only ones who are about to seal their love.

Indeed, as reported by our colleagues from Entertainment TV this Friday, August 19, 2022, another couple formed thanks to Love is in the meadow must also say “yes” soon. It is Francois and Catherine ! The Burgundian cow breeder had met his soul mate in 2019 on the show and between them, it was quickly obvious. So much so that François’ other suitor, Lisa, had made the decision to leave the adventure along the way.

Three years after their crush, they will therefore get married. But on their side, they are on the other hand much more discreet and it is very rare to hear from them. There is no doubt, however, that Internet users will be able to count on the candidates of their season to follow the happy event, including Maud and Lawrence with whom they are very good friends.

It is also thanks to the latter, who are currently experiencing serious financial problems, that fans of Love is in the meadow could be assured in 2020 that François and Catherine were still in love. “Our friends François and Catherine surprised us by coming to visit us“, announced Maud by sharing a photo montage on which the couple appeared.

Previously, the lovers had only appeared together for the last time in December 2019, during the assessment of the romantic program of M6. “He gives me so much more than anything I’ve experienced in my relationships. With him, I feel free to talk about everything“, confided Catherine. The latter revealed in passing that she had moved in with the farmer a few months before, in July 2019.

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