“Love is in the meadow”: Justine and Patrice exchange their first kiss, the young woman’s surprising reaction (spoilers): Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The sand, the sea and the horizon. This is the privileged setting where the tête-à-tête between Justine and Patrice took place, to be found in episode 9 of Love is in the meadow, broadcast on M6 Monday October 16, 2023 but already available on 6Play Max. We therefore discover that the two lovebirds met on the beach of Cabourg and shared a romantic moment, rich in emotion. So much so that Justine let a little tear of happiness escape. A suspended moment conducive to rapprochement. The new couple took the opportunity to hug and Patrice even placed a chaste kiss on his partner’s neck. A little later, Justine and Patrice finally kiss each other on the lips. But the eagerness of her companion seems to bother the young woman a little. “Slowly slowly”, she asks him embarrassed. For his part, the breeder is over the moon: “This first kiss with Justine is wonderful. I’ve been waiting for a long time to receive this from a woman. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life, and this day has finally come.”he declared in front of the cameras.

“I don’t find it elegant”: Justine’s clear opinion

A few moments later, the Alsatian admits to Patrice her lack of experience in this area. “I have to tell you anyway, I don’t really know how to kiss with the tongue actually. I have never done.And he reassures her by assuring her that they will learn together. That said, not sure that his suitor is particularly keen on it. “But somehow, I don’t find it elegant in fact, after that it’s my opinion eh, I don’t know if it’s really obligatory in fact”she adds. And if we can wonder about the reason for this opinion, perhaps a revelation from Justine can help to enlighten us. “I remember when I was in high school. As they often said roll shovels‘ or I don’t know what. I never understood the expression, I always believed that they were really going to bring back a shovel in fact, she explains to her sweetheart. Obviously, we immediately understand his point of view better…

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